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Darling Denim

Darling Denim

If there is one fabric that anyone can pull off at any time of the year, it's denim. This fabric has withheld the test of time! Every season, a new varient of this fabric is released or sometimes the same thing stays in style for years. In the world of denim, these are what's trendy now:



Vests are here, and we are SO ready for them! Wearing a denim vest with some jeans is a much better way to wear denim on denim than Britney and Justin wore it circa 2001. Sorry but not sorry, Britney and Justin. That was a bad choice and you all know it. Anyway, this updated combo is defintely on trend and leaves room to add a statement necklace or other jewlery piece. 


Chambray Summer Pom Pom Shoulder Top- Denim ($26)

Let's see if we can spot the trends on this top. 

1. Denim (obviously, amazing)

2. Off the shoulder (OMG! Our favorite)

3. Tassels/ Fringe (LOVE!!)

So basically what we're saying is, this top is great and a staple piece for your wardrobe. It checks off THREE style boxes! We're obsessed. 


Denim Stripe Ruffle Shorts ($34)

 All we can say about these shorts are- YES. Yes to denim, yes to the fit, yes to the ruffles. We love them so much we would wear them everyday if we could. 

Check us out in store or online for updates on the denim trend. We'll also keep you updated on our social media, so follow us on there too!

Until next time, 


Dress & Dwell

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Tassels Here, Tassels Everywhere

Tassels Here, Tassels Everywhere

You've probably noticed them, they've crossed state borders, they're spreading... tassels. That's right. Summer's newest fashion trend has made it into Dress & Dwell and we're pretty happy about it. 

Stop thinking this accessory is only for grandma curtains and graduation caps. These fun little pops of color add a touch youthfulness. Check out what's made it into the store that could also make it into your summer wardrobe.

 Maggy Tassel Off Shoulder Top- Moss and White ($48)

Tassles and off the shoulder? How much better could this get! This top is so cute for a casual day with friends or family. The black tassels add a pinch of playfulness while still keeping it sophisticated. It's perfect in our book. 

Bell Sleeve Embroidery Tassel Top ($58)

Another example of playful but sophisticated tassel-ing. This top brings out a good mix of boho-girly style. We could see wearing this top to somewhere light and breezy. Maybe use it as an excuse for a beach trip?

 The best news about tassels are that you can add them to anything with accessories. Check it out: tassel heaven.

Tassels on Bags

Assorted Clutches ($38)

Tassels on Earrrings

Find these and more tassels online and in the store! 

Until next time,


Dress & Dwell


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Wedding Guests Dressed to Impress

Wedding Guests Dressed to Impress

It's wedding season! June and July are notoriously packed with what can seem like an endless stream of weddings. If you need some help or just some inspiration to get through the month of July, look no further. Here are three looks we love for weddings. 

Look One

Dark Coral Lace Dress ($48)

Lace is in this wedding season! This super comfortable dress makes the perfect feminine statement... it's also good to twirl around in. We can confirm feeling like a princess for a night can never disappoint. Fun jewlery and nude shoes complete the look. 
  Beaded Teardrop Necklace ($18)

 The Betty Heel ($30.95)

Look Two

Sweet Peachy Summertime Dress ($48)

Aren't you obsessed with this off the shoulder look? One of our favorite fashion rules is less is more. Go for a classic look with a punch of summer color. Accessories are defintely optional for this look. Like our girl Coco said, 

Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.

Look Three

Zinnia Off Shoulder Midi Dress ($128)

Okay, okay, we admit we're obsessed with off the shoulder tops and dresses. But come on! Look how cute. This dress is good for a chillier summer night because it's light weight, but has more coverage. Toss on some simple flats or heels and BAM, you're fabulous. 

That's all for now. Go rock that dancefloor!


 Until next time,


Dress & Dwell

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Seeing Stars and Stripes✺

Seeing Stars and Stripes✺

Happy Fourth of July, dolls! Whether you're throwing a backyard barbeque or creating the most magical fireworks display, the Fourth is all about celebrating our independence and of course, strutting your red, white, and blue. We realize our color pallate is quite limited, but that opens unlimited styling opportunities!

One tip for a fashionable Independence Day: 

Don't think so literally! Stray away from the typical flag and jean short combo. There are so many cute combinations out there to still convey your spirit.

Casual Combo

Yay Strip Crop Top Tee ($52)         Abby White & Gold Sandals ($20)

For those days that don't seem to have a plan, this casual top is great for impromtu activities. This outfit is appropritate for things like family picnics, shopping trips, or game nights. Stripes are definitely on trend this summer, and it doesn't hurt they're on the flag too. Partner the top with navy shorts or jeans to bring the look together.   

Dinner Party 

Do you have something a little nicer on the agenda? Maybe this outfit strikes you more.

Hampton's Stripe Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit ($52)

 This trendy jumpsuit is perfect for going to grab drinks with friends or a dinner party. Pair it with some red heals or accessories to check off the red, white, and blue requirements for the holiday. 

Our Favorite Pieces


1. Margo Cut Out Tank Dress ($36) 2. Star Spangled Front Knot Stripe Tank ($28) 3. Stripe Ruffle One Shoulder Dress ($38) 4. Stripe Fourth Embroidery Cold Shoulder Top ($42) 5. Ruffle Tshirt Dress- Coral ($34) 6. Stripe & Lace Off Shoulder Top ($40) 7. In Store Only 

We hope you have a fabulous fourth, Dolls.

Until next time, 


Dress & Dwell

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Jet Set: Italy

Jet Set: Italy

"La dolce vida."

These three words sum up Italy very nicely. Italy's sweet life of fashion, beautiful vineyards, and hospitable locals make the country spectacular. If you're planning on taking a trip over the pond to visit this place or just wine connoisseurs who dream of it, we have some tips that will definitely make your trip wonderful.

1.  Wear comfortable shoes!

A lot of old Italian streets haven't been paved in... well ever. Most streets are still cobblestone, so make sure you dress accordingly! 

Amanda Summer Slip-on Sneaks ($28) Abby White & Gold Sandals ($20) 

We recommend wearing something flat for old cities. The sneakers also make a good option for rainy days! But, both of these simple flats make great travel companions to accompany colorful outfits. 

2. Italy summer is hot, like really hot

Guys, we're not kidding. Italian cities can reach up to 95º on summer days and in the north it's humid too. So, don't expect to escape the Ohio River Valley humidity over there. Pack your sunglasses and sunscreen and wear light fabrics to help ease the pain.

  Floral Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress ($40)

This dress is a super light weight fabric, so it's perfect for Italian summers. If you don't like the navy option, there is also a light pink one too. This dress is also a shift dress and you know what that means... you can eat all the pasta you want because no one will be able to tell. 

3. Drink a lot of wine

 You know we're always ready for some good wine. Especially Italian wine! Pack these wine essentials or just pretend you're in Italy already with these picks. 

First, read up on your wines with Kate Spade and Jancis Robinson.

($27.50) ($12.95)

Then, pack the supplies.

Save Water Drink Rose Glass ($16)
Drink Pink Glass ($16)

Check out these and more on our website or in the store!

Good luck with all your Italy travels!


Until next time, 


Dress & Dwell

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Jet Set: London

Jet Set: London

We have a very important question for you, dolls: are you ready to go international? Follow us to the city of the royals and history, London. London fashion pretty much follows their grey and rainy skies. It's unpredicable, so remember even when the forecast tells you it will be sunny all week, be prepared for rain anyway. 
Another tip: if it looks sunny outside, be bold! Bring out the summer dresses, hats, and sunglasses. 

 Vanessa Summer Dress ($44)

This Vanessa Dress is exactly what we're talking about! It's nice and cool for a summer day and flattering on any body shape. A simple cardigan would be the perfect thing to bring along with this dress in case the weather changes. You can find us wearing this dress to Buckingham palace to visit the Queen or to see Big Ben.  Another option might include a skirt and a top. These kinds of outfits are very easy to dress up or down for any occasion you may encounter. 

This baroque skirt will definitely fit the glamour of London. It reminds us of all the stained glass windows you could find in this historical city. Pair it with a simple top and a fun purse, and then you're ready to own London.  

Baroque Lace Skirt ($38)
Cassie Vneck Top ($32)
Quay Sunglasses

Still not getting the London vibe? Check these out:

Travel London Illustrated Art Print Rifle Paper Co: City Print-London ($36)

All Aboard Children's Book-London ($14) 


Do you have anymore London tips? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time, 


Dress & Dwell

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Jet Set: California

Jet Set: California

West coast here we come! We're ready for all things warm and sunny with practically no humidity. California has so many different cities and towns that are known for something unique. From cities to farms, surf to snow, mountains to lakes, and volcanoes to deserts, this state has so much to offer. 

The most popular Californian destinations include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Napa Valley and San Diego.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Illustrated Art PrintRifle Paper Co: City Print- Los Angeles 

Los Angeles boasts scenic hiking trails, Hollywood, and near by Disneyland. What should you wear? Really anything. Californians aren't limited to one kind of style, they're pretty laid back. Denim and flip flops seem to be staple items among the community. 

The Nat Off Shoulder Midi Dress ($68)

We really love this casual denim dress. It checks off boxes of being cute, casual, and comfortable. The best part of this dress is that it's easy to pair with some flip flops or flats. Always bring a jacket, because when it gets dark, it also gets chilly.

 Napa Valley

Ahhh wine country. Can you say wine tasting? We can! Napa Valley is great because it is so different than big cities like Los Angeles. Napa Valley and Sanoma are known for their rolling hills, century old oak trees, and vineyards. Napa hosts 4.5 million visitors every year ready to experience the area. The vineyards are a perfect destination for honeymooners, girls weekends, and avid wine tasters. 

What to wear? During the summer, Napa Valley usually hits the 80s, so we reccommend some flowy dresses to compliment the rolling hills. 

Red Poppy Floral Maxi Dress ($58)

Maxis are the perfect wine tasting option. We love this Greecian style. The sleeves drape over your arms for an effortless romance. We love playing with pattens and colors that make the dress, but aren't too overwhelming. 

If you can't decide where to go in California, maybe look through this book, it seems pretty informative!

 All Aboard Children's Book- California ($14)

Until next time, 


Dress & Dwell

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Jet Set: Chicago

Jet Set: Chicago

Welcome to a new series we'll be doing all about summer travel! We'll be giving you tips all about what to wear and see at destinations all over the world. So grab your phone, some sunscreen, and comfortable shoes because here we go!

First on our stop we're going somewhere near by, but far enough to feel like you're in a whole new world. If you haven't guessed it, you didn't read the title. It's Chicago!
Chicago is only a 5 hour drive or a quick plane ride up north. Whether you're roadtripping it or not, it's always good to keep a journal of all that happens.

We love this one. You can also snap pictures and post them in here for more of a scrapbook feeling!

 Winks Personal Journal ($16.50)

Now what should you fill your journal with? Oh yeah! Here are some places in Chicago we love:

Wrigley Field

Chicago Illustrated Art Print Rifle Paper Co. City Print: Chicago ($36)

Wrigley Field is a great spot to relax with some friends or family and catch a baseball game. Not to mention, it's one of the older buildings in Chicago, so there's tons of history there! 

What to Wear

Summertime is probably the best season to go to Chicago- because you can wear whatever you want! Tempuratures usually range from 79°-84°, making outdoor activites like baseball very popular.

This outfit is our idea of a homerun. The cold shoulder top is light and comfortable, which makes it perfect for a game. Pair it with a jean skirt to add some structure to your outfit and finish off the look with these comforatble flats. Never forget to accessorize, dolls. Add a pop of team and home spirit with this ball cap. Only locals will know what 'SDF' means, right? The color is all that matters, but it is a sneaky way to give homage to Louisville. Add this crossbody purse to carry goodies and your wallet in, but don't forget to add some sunglasses just in case you sit on the side where the sun is right in your face.  

All these goodies can be found here:

Striped Cold Shoulder Top- Ivory
Edgy Fray Demin Skirt
Silvia White & Silver Sandal
Genesis Quay Australia Sunglasses
Gold Chain Shoulder Bag- Black
SDF Aviate Hat- Red

Millennium Park

Millennium Park is this huge park in Chicago that is great for summertime exploring. It's right on Lake Michigan, so the breezes will be fabulous for a wind-swept Instagram-worthy picture in front of the bean. 

What to Wear


In Chicago, you'll do a fair share of walking, so sticking to a comfortable pair of shoes is a good idea. These sandals are a great comfortable and stylish solution to this requirement. We love this romper for summer! It's very light weight and breezy, which is perfect for the windy city. To tie the outfit together, we suggest some light jewelry. These earrings add some glamour to the ensamble, so of course we love them!

Find these pieces here:

Cadrian Romper
Abby White & Gold Sandals


When you're in Millennium Park hit stops like the bean, the beautiful gardens, and water fountains. Hopefully, the weather is perfect for a few hours exploring!

Some other tips for traveling in Chicago are:

  • Always carry an umberella! Even if it's not raining, umberellas provide instant shade on a hot day.
  • Consider packing a sweater or cardigan. Even though most days are warm, you never know when a storm will arise and bring in cold air.
  • Layers are key! Think about how adding a layer can create a whole new look. 

That's all for now, happy traveling!


Dress & Dwell

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How to: Hosting Summer Soirees

How to: Hosting Summer Soirees

Any fashionista knows that summer parties are a must. The warm summer air mixed with twinkling lights and some good music automatically creates a blissful environment. Whether it's a pool party or a dinner garden party, we've got you covered on all things entertaining. 

 Let's go through the steps of having a party. 

1. Think, "I should have a party."

2. Imagine all the wonderful things and people you could encounter while throwing this legendary get-together.

3. While being on a planning high, set the perfect date and invite all of your friends.

4. Forget about the party for a while and then remember the week before that this thing is actually happening.

5. Clean your whole house, even in the rooms you know no guests will go into- just in case.

6. Buy some beautiful decor for your venue and set the perfect mood.

7. Make delicious treats and drinks you found on Pinterest because you're confident your cooking skills are the best.

8. Freak out because only half of the recipes you tried actually worked.

9. Make yourself look great to hide the fact your food may not be.

10. Have a amazing party!

Now, we can't claim to fix your party planning woes (after all we're a boutique, not event planners), but we can help make you and your house fabulous. 

Dress it.

Exhibit A.

The Jess Floral Off The Shoulder Dress ($56)

Exhibit B.

 Navy + Orange Print Dress ($42)

These dresses have several things in common, but we think the most important one is that they are both comfortable, but still super cute. Imagine running around your party making sure everyone is having a good time, but not having to worry about an itchy seam or an odd fit. These dresses are so easy to just throw on to look and feel amazing. 
Okay, now that you're ready for the party, let's make sure your house is too.

Dwell it. 

Start by setting out things that look like odds and ends, but actually make your space come together. 
We've gathered some items we think make any space come alive. 

Each of these make little moments happen. We like to think in terms of all five senses to create an excellent, well rounded ambiance. 
To us, the most important senses are sight and taste. Check out all these unique glasses that spice up your entertaining-drink-game.
With all of these in your summer-party-back pocket, you're sure to be the talk of the town. Make sure you look online and in the store to find all of these pieces.
We can't wait to see what parties are happening, we hope we're invited!
Happy hosting!


Dress & Dwell 

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April Showers Brought May Flowers

April Showers Brought May Flowers

'Florals? For spring?Groundbreaking.'

Despite fashion empress Miranda Priestley's feelings on florals in the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, we have to disagree. Florals have been in style for the spring and summer as long as we can remember! We have the perfect fashion essentials to prove Miranda Priestly and anyone else who would dare to disagree, that florals still work and always will. So be prepared to embrace your feminine side with floral print dresses, tops, shorts, and even water bottles.  

Dress it.

Let's start with classic examples of these dresses.

 Kate Flower Pop Satin Off Shoulder Dress White ($48)

Jennie Navy Floral Dress($48)

How can anyone tell you these aren't the perfect dresses for a date night, a wedding, or just going grocery shopping? They can't, not even Miranda. It is a proven fact that florals can act as a romantic and a classic print. So, dress these up, dress them down, it's all the same effect. 

Here are some other floral dresses we love:

Moving on to shirts!

Spring Floral Ruffle Tank Navy($38)

This top is a great example of a transition top from the spring to the summer. Who said florals are only for the spring? Wear this shirt on those hot summer days to cool you off. 

More tops we love:

We promised shorts, and here they are!

Floral Pop Shorts ($32) 

POP! We l-o-v-e these floral pop shorts. These are a great casual statement piece that are definitely unexpected. You can totally find us wearing these to summer baseball games or barbecues. 

Dwell it.

Just to prove the floral naysayers even more wrong, here are some florals you can put into your home. 

First up, this gorgeous Swell bottle.

Swell Bottle Resort Collection- Waikiki ($35)

First of all, can we all agree that these bottles are so cute? We love this one with the leaf print because we feel like we're on the beach. Second, these bottles keep your drink cold for HOURS. We promise, if you have ice in one, it will still be there a few hours later. 

If you're not into pink, there is also this white one we love just as much: 

Our last piece of defense against those floral haters are these wonderful prints by Rifle Paper Company. Just take a look at these and tell us you're not swooning. 


Coral Botanical Print ($24)          Citrus Floral ($40)

I think we have proven the Miranda Priestleys of the world wrong. Floral is groundbreaking. 

So watch us strut our floral all around town and love every second of it.


Dress & Dwell

P.S. You can find all of these products and more in our store or on our website!

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